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Pressure BioSciences, Inc. ("PBI") (PBIO) develops, markets, and sells proprietary laboratory instrumentation and associated consumables to the estimated $6 billion life sciences sample preparation market. Our products are based on the unique properties of both constant (i.e., static) and alternating (i.e., pressure cycling technology, or PCT) hydrostatic pressure. PCT is a patented enabling technology platform that uses alternating cycles of hydrostatic pressure between ambient and ultra-high levels to safely and reproducibly control bio-molecular interactions. To date, we have installed over 250 PCT systems in approximately 160 sites worldwide. There are over 100 publications citing the advantages of the PCT platform over competitive methods, many from key opinion leaders. Our primary development and sales efforts are in the biomarker discovery, drug discovery and design, and forensics areas. Customers also use our products in other areas, such as bio-therapeutics characterization, soil & plant biology, vaccine development, and counter-bioterror applications.

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