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Barocycler® NEP2320EXT

Pressure Cycling Technology Sample Preparation System (PCT SPS)

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The Barocycler NEP3229The compact and versatile Barocycler NEP2320EXT fills an an important need for all laboratories that want to improve and accelerate sample preparation. The NEP2320EXT is a safe and versatile sample preparation instrument designed to use a minimum amount of laboratory bench space, while still providing...the Power of PCT. The mechanisms of action of the PCT SPS differ significantly from other sample preparation methods. Specifically, cell lysis occurs when samples are subjected to alternating cycles of ambient and high pressure, up to 35,000 psi, in the hydrostatic reaction chamber of the Barocycler. In addition, pressure cycling can be used to improve and accelerate proteolytic digestion with such commonly used enzymes as trypsin, Lys-C, proteinase K and many others.

The NEP2320EXT uses a stand-alone air compressor, but can also use laboratory compressed air or bottled compressed air, to create high hydrostatic pressure inside the Barocycler reaction chamber. The temperature of the pressure chamber is controlled externally, either by a circulating waterbath, or by an electric heating mantle. The NEP2320EXT quickly and efficiently processes up to 12 samples at a time in MicroTubes.

Specifications of the PCT SPS*

Barocycler NEP2320EXT
Maximum Pressure 35 kpsi, 235MPa Protocol Settings Pressure
Holding Time (up or down)
protocol number
Working Pressure Range 5 to 35 kpsi Maximum number of programmable cycles 99
Chamber construction Stainless steel Temp. Range 4 to 60°C
Pressure Accuracy +/-2 kpsi Minimum air pressure needed 90psi
Min suggested air compressor capacity / tank size** >2 cfm @ 90psi; >2 gal
Typical Pressurization Time to 35ksi < 5 sec Dimensions 19 × 17 × 19 in
Depressurization Time < 1 sec Weight
80 Ibs
Power Requirement*** 120 VAC, 2 Amps, 60 Hz Laboratory Environment 15 to 30°C, < 85% Humidity

*Specifications may be changed without prior notification
**Faster ramp time is achieved by increasing capacity of air supply
***For US model - can be modified to comply with non-US power requirements

Features & Benefits of the PCT SPS

Safe PULSE Tubes and MicroTubes offer a closed system to reduce sample handling and minimize cross-contamination as well as exposure to pathogens/toxins.
Fast Sample digestion for proteomic applications can often be performed in an hour or less.
Powerful Up to 35,000 PSI (235 MPa, 2.35 kbar) can be used to lyse samples and improve extraction of poorly soluble components such as lipids and membrane proteins.
Efficient Small, low-binding MicroTubes improve processing of small or precious samples with minimal sample loss.
Versatile Uses include cell lysis for extraction of proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, small molecules or other cellular. components, as well as accelerated enzymatic digestion for proteomic or other applications.
Reproducible Computer controlled protocols mean consistent results each time, every time.

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