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The Barocycler HUB440 High Pressure Generator

State-of-the-Art High Pressure Generator for Multiple Bioscience Applications

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Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBI) is the leader in the application of pressure cycling technology (PCT) in biotechnology.

We design, develop and manufacture high pressure systems and accessories to enable researchers to easily and safely conduct high pressure research in the laboratory.

PBI has experts in Engineering and R&D to help you configure a high pressure system to meet your needs.

The Barocycler HUB440 is capable of creating and controlling hydrostatic pressure from 35 Bar (~500 psi) up to 4,000 Bar (~58,000 psi). The Barocycler HUB440 is the first portable, ready to use pressure generator for the laboratory bench.


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The Barocycler HUB440 is the Hub that
Powers Your Laboratory’s High Pressure Needs

Please contact your Sales Director for more information or pricing or email us at for a free consultation with our Engineering and R&D staff.

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