There are over 100 scientific papers published on the advantages of the PCT platform, many by key opinion leaders worldwide. Such advantages include: (a) extraction and recovery of more membrane proteins, (b) enhanced protein digestion, (c) differential lysis in a mixed sample base, (d) pathogen inactivation, (e) increased DNA detection and (f) exquisite sample preparation process control.

Revisiting Jurassic Park: The Isolation of Proteins from Amber Encapsulated Organisms Millions of Years Old

Gary B. Smejkal, et al.

Ultra-Rapid Pressure Digestion and Label-Free Quantitative Proteomics of Yersiniae Infected Mice Tissues

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Elevated Pressure Improves the Extraction and Identification of Proteins Recovered from Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Surrogates

Carol B. Fowler, Ingrid E. Chesnick, Cwdric D. Moore,Timothy J. O'leary, Jeffry Mason

Strategies to Recover Proteins from Ocular Tissues for Proteomics.

Patel N1, Solanki E, Picciani R, Cavett V, Caldwell-Busby JA, Bhattacharya SK.

Elevated Pressure Improves the Rate of Formalin Penetration while Preserving Tissue Morphology

Ingrid E. Chesnick1, Jeffrey T. Mason1, Timothy J. O'Leary2, Carol B. Fowler1,2 1. Department of Biophysics, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Rockville, Maryland, USA; 2. Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development Service, Veterans Health Administration, Washington, DC, USA

Improved Extraction of Rhizoctonia and Pythium DNA from Wheat Root and Soil Samples Using Pressure Cycling Technology

Patricia A. Okubara, Chunqin Li, Kurtis Schroeder, Richard T. Schumacher, and Nathan P. Lawrence