There are over 100 scientific papers published on the advantages of the PCT platform, many by key opinion leaders worldwide. Such advantages include: (a) extraction and recovery of more membrane proteins, (b) enhanced protein digestion, (c) differential lysis in a mixed sample base, (d) pathogen inactivation, (e) increased DNA detection and (f) exquisite sample preparation process control.

Gene Expression Analysis by Microarray Using RNA Extracted by Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT) - 04/30/07

Effective Semi-Automated Extraction of Intact Mitochondria from Solid Tissues Using Gentle Mechanical Homogenization and Pressure Cycling Technology

Vera S. Gross, 1; Greta Carlson, 1; Emily Freeman, 2; Alexander R. Ivanov, 2; Heather Greenberg, 3; et al. 1Pressure BioSciences, Inc., South Easton, MA; 2HSPH Proteomics Resource, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA; 3Brigham and Women's Hopsital; Harvard University, Boston, MA

PCT-SWATH: pressure cycling technology coupled with SWATH mass spectrometry for fast, deep and reproducible proteomic analysis

Tiannan Guo1, Petri Kouvonen1, Chiek Koh Ching1, Ludovic Gillet1, Witold Wolski1, Hannes Rost1, George Rosenberger1, Silke Gillessen2, Markus Jorger2, Ben Collins1, Alexander Leitner1, Ruedi Aebersold1 1Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 2Department of Internal Medicine, Kantonsspital, Switzerland. Abstract Only Please contact Dr. Tiannan Guo ( for more information.